Debra Everett-Lane

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2008

Professor Everett-Lane is an amazing teacher. Her class is not overbearing in terms of workload, but enough so that you have to keep up all semester. Her lectures are well- planned, organized and insightful. As opposed to most teachers at Columbia, I feel that she really tries to get the most out of her students and she succeeds. The class is engaging, and although discussion sections are absolutely no fun, they are in fact incredibly useful. All of which helps make studying for the midterm and final that much easier. (I honestly studied for about two or three hours total for each, and I got an A- in the class, but that's because I was forced to keep up with the material all semester long, and I was thankful.) Also, interestingly, the exams themselves were helpful when taking them as opposed to burdensome. I felt that I learned while taking the test, which was, at least for me, a new experience at Columbia. The tests brought together the themes well and made us think collectively about the semester as a whole and connecting the themes. I thought it was brilliant.

Jul 2007

DEL was the BEST cc professor I think anyone could ever have. I've been meaning to write this for a while, being as I took the class 05-06. However, I am very pleased to see she is a silver nugget. DEL can help you understand even the most dense of material, and enjoy it. NOT an easy task. She is a little bit of a harder grader on papers, however she really takes into account the comments and effort you put into her class. If you're trying I think that's all she really cares about. But do trust me, she can tell if you've read a few pages of sparknotes or the actual book. That being said I loved her, hands down. I remember absolutely 0 from Lit Hum but can tell you all about Locke, Kant, Plato, or Aristotle. If you're lucky enough to get DEL as a teacher you will be the envy of your sophomore friends.

Dec 2006

A wonderful professor teaching an excellent seminar. Professor Everett-Lane is knowledgeable without being over-bearing, and encourages much discussion. The readings were overall very good.

May 2006

if you can take debra for cc, do it! she does a good job guiding discussion and engaging the class. she lectures a little bit at the beginning to give you the background. if anything, she doesn't press hard enough for you to analyze on your papers, exams, and study questions, and sort of is more interested to see that you just understand what each author is trying to say. that said, it is not too hard to do well in her class, as long as you participate and realize that she doesnt want a paper that is too complicated, but rather one that is straightforward... she has someone take minutes during class so there are notes online, and she gives us the essay questions before the exams... overall, debra is probably better than most grad students, so if you get her for cc, don't lose her!

May 2006

By the end of the year all of us were well aware of how lucky we had been getting Debra as out CC professor. She is incredible. The readings run from around 60 pages to 130 towards the end of the year, but this seems pretty typical for CC, and is well worth it for the discussions that come out of doing the reading. Debra encourages everyone to voice their own opinions and feelings about the reading which leads to a richer and more involved discussion. She took attendence everyday and would discretely put a check by your name when you made a good comment in order to ensure that she knew who really was completing the requisite two comments per class. Most of us spoke up way more than that because she made this seemingly dull class incredibly relevant and interesting. Also, if you had no idea what was going on in the class you could feel comfortable with asking her to clarify without fear of looking like an idiot. It's a hard class and Debra only wants to help you understand the material so that you will be able to take it outside the classroom with you. She really wants her students to learn and think insightfully for themselves so she gives thoughtful discussion questions, essay questions, and exams. Her exams, instead of being only 3 hours of torture, actually make you think and discover new and interesting insights on your own. You are extremely lucky if you get Debra for a professor. I would eat dirt for this woman!

May 2006

Debra is such a great teacher! Many sophomores in Columbia College hate/hated CC, but i know that every single person in my class benefitted from this class, and took something from her class. She was able to make the philosophies that we discuss applicable to our daily lives, and there was not a single person in the class who did not take interest and become engaged in at least a handful of the discussions, regardless of how reticent they were. Also, she is very receptive to student ideas. She gives everyone equal opportunity to talk, but does so within reason-- she doesn't let the pretentious kids just go off, for example. Also, she is very open to the discussion/ debate that I know many students have about the Core curriculum (e.g. including more minority authors, women authors). In class, she definitely makes the material accessible, and always asks thought-provoking questions that make the students appreciate the philosophy, and allow us to apply it to our contexts. Also, she's pretty willing to give extensions on her papers, so long as you have a legitimate reason. She does a good job of making herself available for extra help.

Mar 2006

A wonderful professor. She has absolute knowledge of the material and teaches it clearly, yet does not dominate the opinions of the class and eagerly engages discussion. Her class is a lot of work, more than most cc classes, but no one minds doing it because she's so fantastic. She has such interesting things to say and highlight from the material. She brings thousand-year-old works to life. She makes herself available frequently, especially when papers are due. She is willing to review all drafts before they are due -- even multiple times. You would be very lucky to have this professor.