Susanne Knittel

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2006

Professoressa Knittel is an amazing professor! She's so young and lively, and she really cares about her students! The work can be quite challenging, especially in the beginning, but she is always willing to help if you need it. If you take a class with her, you will most definitely speak better Italian by the end of the semester.

Aug 2006

Susanne is AWESOME. Best Italian professor that you can find at Columbia. She was so helpful and available to her students and genuinely cared that we did well. More importantly, she works hard to make class interesting (which is always helpful when it's a 9am). If at all possible, take Susanne's class, and she will make you love Italian, Italian culture, Italy.....

May 2006

Susanne is an absolutely fantastic instructor in every regard. This was her first year teaching Italian, but she was more enthusiastic and knowledgeable that many more seasoned professors that I've had. Although the course syllabus is standardized by the department, she kept things interesting by coming up with lots of interactive exercises (including a lot of skits) and focusing on what students wanted to cover in class. I think she's unique in the sense that she truly listens to the concerns of her students and will do whatever it takes to help people do well (she was always available outside of class and responded to e-mails within a few hours). The course itself is not life-changing (and sometimes covers too much vocabulary in too short a period of time), but Susanne always recognized these deficiencies and was more than willing to spend additional time working the more troublesome concepts. She made it so everyone looked forward to class, even though it began ridiculously early in the morning (well, 9AM); she was always chipper and ready to get working, which was crucial on those groggy Monday mornings. If you're taking Elementary, you should definitely consider having her as your instructor (many people in my class were dismayed that she wouldn't be teaching Intermediate). She will be one of your favorite professors, I promise.