Anabela Kim

Aug 2006

What can I say about Anabela? Her teaching tactics are beyond explanation, you have to register for her class to get a feel for what I am about to say. Anabela is the greatest professor to have taught me during my time here in Columbia. She is nice, friendly, understanding, Sympathetic, wonderful, and most important of all, she shows genuine interest in seeing that ALL her students understand and learn the Spanish language. At Columbia, there are three kinds of professor, those who care for their student's interest and academic goals and those who really really do care. The third kind are those who really, really, extremely do not give a darn. Anabela is one of those professors whose students are likely to come back years later to say "thank you" to (or just to say hi to). She is one of those professors who really really really care that her students learn the Spanish language in a nice, relaxed, enjoyable and happy environment. In Anabela's class, there is no pressure. None whatsoever. I recommend that you take her class. Ella es simpatico, adoranar, bueno y bello. This class is not about the grade (A high grade is definitely assured), it's about the "Love of the learning experience" whatever that means -- I leave up to you to find out.

May 2006

Anabela is one of the best instructors that you can ask for. She is the most helpful and the most pacient. I was initially worried because of the amount of homework but once you get the hang of things you are ok.This was a really great spanish class I recommend her whole heartedly.