Georgia Mickey

May 2006

Considering that Colloquium is meant to be an enjoyable class, I regret having chosen this section. For one, Professor Mickey focuses much more on form over content, quantity over quality. She likes talkers that take over the class, “postings” (which are actually weekly essays) that follow the format and weave quotes into paragraphs the correct way rather than getting students ideas going. Despite that she cannot clearly explain to you the difference between Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism (something that a instructor of this course should be able to do- I feel she dodged the answer) she likes to fish for answers and is highly opinionated. We wasted a lot of class time discussing our own interpretations, trying to align our answers with hers when she herself did not give us much of the basic information to draw an analysis. Overall I think she missed the point of what colloquium should be about. I can say that it was unfortunate that I chose to take her class.