Phyllis Raphael

Jun 2006

She says how she hated editors because they insulted her work. Well, she does the same thing, but to students who are not orginally born in this country. She does not insult your writing in the class, mostly outside her class, and you'll probably feel the negative criticism. If you want to build your confidence in writing, don't register for this class. She has her favorites and if your her favorite great, and if your not, good luck. The students comments and advice were more of a help than this teacher.

May 2006

Phyllis Raphael is a great teacher, and, unlike many of the teachers in the writing program who claim that you either "have it, or you don't," she is willing to offer real, clinical solutions to make your writing clearer and better. She rejoiced with me as my writing improved, and understood my consternation when it was bad. She worked with me to try different ways of framing stories in order to make the telling easier. She really cares for her students and, while she is rather unorganized, it isn't much compared to the rest of the writing program faculty.