Christopher Heuer

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2007

If you find Professor Heuer's name revealed once you register for Art Hum, consider yourself blessed. Professor Heuer is not only incredibly outgoing and helpful, but he truly enjoys the subject matter and goes out of his way to make classes interesting and encourages engagement from the class (participation is 20% of your grade--and a nice booster when the final grade is calculated). The class doesn't concentrate on a massive amount of material, so it's great to have a professor who goes in depth of the material that your are responsible for knowing on exams. I can't extol this man's greatness enough! He is wonderful and you will love the class no matter what your major is.

Dec 2006

Professor Heuer is amazing. He was certainly the best professor I had in a Core class. He is thoughtful and insightful, always drawing helpful connections to help smooth out the often jaring Art Hum syllabus. He's also incredibly patient and approachable and leads discussions extremely well. Plus, he wears a suit to every class. I really can't say enough good things about this man.

Jun 2006

Professor Heuer might have been the best instructor that I have had at Columbia in my first two years here. He is extremely knowledgable of not only the course material but also pretty much anything having to do with those time periods as well. His delivery is mostly lecture but encourages participation from the class through asking questions and also various exercises of analyzing works (in fact class participation accounts for 20% of your grade). There are readings assigned for each week but they are really uneccessary to do weel in the class although many of them are quite interesting. If you pay attention in class you will be rewarded with not only a good grade but also feeling that you learned something and enjoyed yourself. I would definitely take any class that Professor Heuer taught.

May 2006

This guy is stellar. Heuer is a very smart guy who knows how to put together a compelling lecture. He integrates every artist into a coherent span and discusses the open-ended questions of art criticism in a manner devoid of pretension and jargon (if only some of the authors of the assigned readings did the same). He's very funny and approachable, knows how to run a class discussion, keeps the class moving at a great pace... I can honestly say that he provided one of those great Core experiences that validates Columbia's brochures. If you get him, you'll have lucked out. I mean, the guy inspires attendance.