Ondrea Ackerman

Dec 2006

Ondrea is bizarre but awesome. Take her class. Although she is often moody, erratic and unpredictable, she is very interesting and always willing to help you out. She has this incredible ability to know exactly what is wrong with your paper and she knows how to articulate how to fix those problems. Her selection of reading assignments was fantastic. She really emphasizes post-modernism, which is totally cool and makes for awesome and invigorating class discussion. But the reading assignments and the papers are essentially all the work there is to the class - it's not a lot of work, it's a lot of abstract, bizarre thinking. I took her class thinking I was an awesome writer and that UW would be a cake walk. Thank god I had Ondrea to shut me down and humble my ass. Some of these papers were ridiculous and because her reading assignments all relate to post-modernism in some way, though they rarely speak to each other, Ondrea's students have a tough time with the lens and the conversation essay. But, her students probably learn how to write more intricately. However, I'd say she grades pretty leniently. Don't be late for her class, and always do the reading (everything we read is fascinating). Go to her office hours, she is always willing to help you out.

Nov 2006

I entered UW in spring 2006 with the expectation of hating it, but in the end I found that I learned a lot. The course sharpened my analytical skills and ability to integrate outside sources into papers. Ondrea is a very capable instructor, chooses interesting essays to read, and gives good feedback on papers. Class discussion was awkward at times, but I genuinely enjoyed it once we all became more comfortable with one another.

May 2006

It is inexplicable that no one has written about this Ondrea yet. Here's the disclaimer: U-dub is BS and everyone knows it. No one has any idea what a "lens" is, and ditto for conversation and CCP. And Ondrea's obsession with the mental masturbation that is post-modernism doesn't help. At first I was confident that it was Ondrea who sucked. Then I realized that Ondrea was actually so-so and that it was actually U-dub itself that sucked. Having learned that I gained perspective on Ondrea's class. Ondrea has difficult formulatin clear english sentences. This could be a problem for someone who is going for a PhD in English. This gives you a slow sinking feeling when you go to write your papers b/c you actually don't know what you're supposed to do. The class won't make you a better writer, but at least with Ondrea it won't be a hellacious amount of work, you will definitely enjoy discussing the utter vacuousness of post-modernism. Good times all around.