Ariella Lang

Jan 2009

Professor Lang creates a nice class environment in which everyone is comfortable with each other and speaking in class. She also gives detailed, constructive, and encouraging feedback on papers, which is helpful to receive. She seems invested in her students' success in the course. Overall, the reading list for this class is fundamental and well worth the time, and Professor Lang is a great teacher to have, especially due to the attention she gives to each essay's feedback.

May 2006

The class has awesome movies. All the classics and then some. The readings spanned from interesting to absolutely boring - and there was a decent amount. But the review sessions before the midterm and final helped a lot. The grading on the papers was a bit harsh. The TA would grade them, pencil in an A- (for example) and then professor Lang would more often than not give you a B... I didn't understand why she was like that. Her lecturing got a little boring and repetitive. She was an overall ok teacher, but I loved the class because of the movie selection.