Margaret Morrison

Jun 2008

Margaret is extremely friendly and easy to get along with. You can tell that she gets genuine personal joy out of watching her students improve, and she is very good at giving feedback (without making people feel stupid). Tap as an American Art Form is a lecture AND studio class combined. It was well-taught and a lot of fun. We would learn something about a certain generation of tap, and then perform sequences in that style. It really helped the material stick in my brain. All in all, 5 stars all around.

Jun 2006

One of the best dance teachers I've ever had, Margaret explains material clearly, uses class time effectively, and criticizes students directly and without a trace of cruelty. She never singled out any student for praise unless that student had corrected an earlier mistake, and she never asked students to demonstrate steps for the class. In this way, while she never found any mechanism for rewarding the best students in the class, she avoided creating undue competition or bad feelings between studetns. The class was thus a pleasant and relaxing part of my day, and I hope to take another tap class with Margaret.