Warren Johnson

Aug 2006

I took a summer course with Professor Johnson on Henry James. The class was dismal. Professor Johnson seemed to have an agenda. Agendas ruin classes. His agenda was to talk about the homosexual repressions of a minimum of one character per book. I don't believe anyone in the class is uncomfortable with the theories he suggested; we just though they were wrong. Professor Johnson enjoys touting his love for "specific textual analysis" but oftentimes would dispute the most obvious facts when suggested by the text, such as whether one character was addressing so and so or so and so, or whether a very definitive colloqualism actually meant some other nonsense. Professor Johnson being a hack notwithstanding, he is also unimaginative when it comes to writing papers. He is the kind of professor who doesn't want you to every begin a sentence with "And" and he will kill you for a hanging gerund, or other such ridiculousness, even when bending the rules has a clear stylistic justification.