Chad Kia

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jan 2007

I have no idea how he got a silver nugget! Everyone I talked to wanted to switch out of the class for the second half. While Chad is great one on one- he is really helpful when it comes to working on papers and preparing for the mid-term and the final- the class leaves much to be desired. He often seems unprepared and does not lead the conversation in any direction. He would begin to attempt to make a point and the minute someone raised their hand he would call on them and NEVER finish his point.

Nov 2006

I really like Chad! I don't know how he is in Mealac, but for LitHum he was personable though not exactly chatty. There were a lot of silent spots in discussion, but on the whole he really tried to help us understand the material. His grading is completely fair, and his midterms are directed at discussions in class.

Nov 2006

Let me strongly disagree with the other review. This guy is great. No, he's not like other LitHum preceptors who will allow you to go off on random tangents that speculatively posit the meaning of life. Rather, he will teach you to delve into the text, and pull out the strains of thought essential to the work. Class discussion is fairly laid back. Chad is not one to stand up and lecture. Rather, he will try to guide you towards the key points in the text, and let the class debate the validity of these points. If you want to sit back and do nothing in LitHum, this is a great class cause Chad won't insist on you talking. If you want to talk however, this class will challenge and provoke you, and force you to defend your ideas and beliefs.