Isil Celimli

May 2008

Isil had a hard time keeping the class on track and it was evident that she herself was uncomfortable with the texts. She was a relatively easy grader, although her essay topics often require some imagination. It's imperative to split up the midterm and final reviews, which require you to be responsible for about 30 possible essays. The final wasn't cumulative, which was nice. She was a sweet woman, but we barely scratched the surface of the texts and we could have probably gotten a lot more out of the texts in another section. She's picky about attendance, so be sure to come to class.

Feb 2007

Isil is a great CC professor. Sure we don't dissect texts to the tenth degree but come on we're all sophomores here and we're trying to figure out what we want to major on not some dumass bullshit discussion on our existence. Anyway, I like Isil. She's open to all forms of discussion, she's a great listener and she does a pretty good job at getting at the root of the texts. In short, she's a GREAT CC professor, the workload is definitely manageable and very light compared to other CC classes, I mean what more could you want?? She's also readily accessible to meet anytime so don't worry about that. And she's nice, kind, smart and young too.

Sep 2006

Do not take Isil as a TA. Generally, classes would consist of the entire class sitting in silence, while she would bring up some points and ask "What do you think? C'mon, what do you think?" People would talk out of pity, but she was inept at keeping the discussion lively and flowing, even when the topic was interested. She had to resort to assigning mini-oral reports to force conversation. While other discussion sections worked on the 200 word study guide, we did absolutely nothing. This discussion did not teach me one thing about American Politics. There was absolutely nothing to recommend this discussion section.