Professor Wi Nurh

Oct 2006

Beginning with the ascribing agents of phallic identity, the assigner of semiotic modality and its collateral broadcast of power identity defined via counter oppositionary members is examined in depth within a post-modal perceptional dynamic hierarchy. Here, phallic image is examined within the model context of gender identity and abjection subjugation of non-inclusive, exclusionary power non-membership, defined as being modally self-contained within the semiotic power assigner of a non-Cartesian deconstruction of self and the subsequent commodification of the polar-oppositionary ontologies from which the self emerges. Of co-developed theoretic examination is the marginalization of a postpositivism meta-narrative of logocentrism within a multi-modal transference of a monologic catachresis of cultural phallic power dialectic. The final analysis concluses with the cultural solubility of such multi-modal semiotics and the concept of “refractionary re-emergence,” in which the defining phallic modality reasserts itself following a fluidic semiotic discharge of a new lingua franca materialization.