Craig Beaumont

Oct 2006

Beaumont was really talented without being pretentious, unlike most writing teachers who tend to take themselves a bit too seriously. His criticism was both insightful and constructive, and we all appreciated the individual attention that he offered during our private conferences as well as when reading our rough drafts (and the endless series thereofÂ…). I definitely think that I developed as a writer over the course of the semester and, judging from our peer-group criticism sessions, can attest to the fact that most other students in the class greatly improved their writing skills as well. His enthusiasm about his doctorate studies actually made me consider abandoning pre-med to go into the humanities, until I realized that his work requires that he spend more hours in Butler than the best of the pre-med neurotics. IÂ’m not sure if he still teachers U Writing, but, if so, I would definitely recommend taking Beaumont.