Kalpana Narayanan

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jun 2008

Kalpana definitely comes off as a little rough and tough in the beginning - the first couple classes she makes a point to mark off people who come in late or don't turn in assignments. But give it a chance, put a little effort it and the class will be well worth it. She likes to meet about paper drafts and will genuinely help you with your writing, giving detailed reviews of anything you want her to look at. She's a really awesome grad student who expects you to work hard but will grade you accordingly. It seemed to me that people's grades exactly reflected how hard they worked (I worked hard and it wasn't difficult to get an A). And if you set up a good atmosphere, she'll definitely be up for parties/food and sporadic outdoor classes. Take her class! It's really not bad grade-wise, very manageable, and (comparatively, from what I hear) painless.

Jan 2007

Kalpana is sweet woman who made UWriting worthwhile, something that not many profs can do. She won't let you get away with a b.s. paper and she doesn't want you to come late, but she is a sensible grader who truly wants to see you improve. Personally, I think it's refreshing to find a professor who will put some effort into a class that most people blow off. She doesn't treat this class as a joke, so don't expect it to be. In the end, if you work hard, you can get something out of the course.

Jan 2007

Kalpana is nice ... she brought in food for us a few times and understood that we had other classes to be worrying about. She is also lenient about letting you turn work in later if you forgot to bring it to class, or if the Carman printers are being retarded. But we do have quite a work load, though most UW classes are like that. If you like writing it will be fun, and the essay topics were actually pretty interesting, I'd never written anything like that and I learned a lot. If you hate writing, you'll hate this class. That's not Kalpana's fault. She is very passionate about this subject and is very clever. She gives you the grade that you deserve. But most importantly, YOU CANNOT BE LATE FOR THIS CLASS. Let me reitterate this. YOU CANNOT BE LATE FOR THIS CLASS! Much less not turn up, because if you do it often enough, your grade will suffer (dammit). Kalpana will treat you the way you deserve.

Nov 2006

This professor is difficult. She definitely knows what she is talking about and will make you a much better writer, but she is a ridiculous when it comes to grading. She gives a ton of work, much more than other UW professors. I thoroughly disliked this class and I'd say that most people do anyway, but for me it was especially unenjoyable knowing that I had Ms. Narayanan waiting for me at class. She is strict but smart, if you feel you want to work your ass off go for it, otherwise find another UW teacher.