George Murray

Jan 2007

Professor Murray makes this the worst class I've ever taken in either high school or my three semesters of college. Almost no classes started on time (usually ten to twenty minutes late), and we were constantly behind schedule. There are assigned readings (out of one textbook), which we then "discuss" in class. By "discuss", I mean Professor Murray puts up powerpoint slides with several-hundred word quotes from the text, and students debate whether or not sociology should actually be an acadmic field. Professor Murray is disrespectful in his lack of organization. He would frequently stand before the class and quickly read over whatever assigned reading we were supposed to review that day, clearly not having done so before hand.

Nov 2006

Professor Murray is a really young and inexperienced professor. He's really funny and nice (although kind of awkward at times) but he simply cannot lead a productive class discussion!! He also often brings his own politics into the classroom and his mocking of Bush and conservatives is sometimes a little over the top. He is also an incredibly easy professor. The class is turning out to be a big waste of time in my opinion.