Jennifer Cina

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Sep 2007

Professor Cina is great. Granted the class seemed to drag occasionally, mostly due the early morning time of the class, but the subject matter is so interesting, it's almost hard to not pay attention! And Professor Cina has the greatest accent, (she was born in Scotland and grew up in Israel), which makes the class even more fun. She always made herself available outside of class and is so nice and willing to talk about anything.

Jul 2007

I really enjoyed this course. Although I initially took intro to psych for the "easy A" factor I ended up putting in the work and doing the readings because of how interesting professor cina made the topic. Her lectures were quite fun, she usually broke up boring aspects of lectures with interactive games and examples. Further, although she didn't give out A's to everyone in the class, she was an extremely fair grader. In fact, at the end of the semester she would add up to FIVE POINTS TO YOUR FINAL GRADE for participation and effort. So even if you are only averaging a B+ or A- but trying you'll end up with the A. You can tell she really enjoys teaching and is always willing to meet after class. If you don't feel like waiting around to get Stokes, I'd say Cina is a great choice.

May 2007

TAKE HER CLASS. Granted, this is not the most challenging class you will take at Columbia/Barnard (it is an Intro Class after all), the professor is a real sweetheart. This is the only class I've had where class participation took up so much of class time. Yes, there are the brown-nosers, but it doesn't really matter, because the class is small enough that you can ask whatever you want to know. The class is by no means difficult, though you should read the book as the midterm and final are wholly based from the textbook. Her lectures are interesting (she doesn't hesitate to show videos, like of her own adorable children, and even do experiments in class). She is a therapist herself - so if you are thinking about going into that field she would be a good mind to pick. She's very accessible via email and genuinely wants you to like the class.

Dec 2006

I didn't think it was possible to make this subject matter dull. There is really no need to show up for class once you've secured your place - she puts her slideshows on Courseworks, and she adds little to the slides during class. She follows the chapters in the book pretty well, and the slides she posts pretty much tell you what you need to know for the tests. Professor Cina is sweet but teaches the material pretty matter-of-factly, rarely adding stories or examples. This class is an easy A.