Marina Izquierdo Rodriguez

Dec 2006

Marina is a delightful teacher in that she is very friendly and seems like she truly enjoys speaking Spanish and discussing hispanic culture with her students. However, the course is not very helpful if you are trying to improve your Spanish considerably. True, it is an opportunity to speak Spanish, but you will probably not do so for enough time to make serious improvement. Moreover, the material in the book is incredibly boring and not very relevant to current issues. While the most interesting discussions we had in class were spontaneous ones about modern Latin American culture, politics, etc., the teacher insisted on convering everything in the book. That said, she did have a lot of knowledge to add on the subjects presented, which did make the readings a bit less painful. Essentially, you should take this class if you want two credits for doing next to nothing. I highly recommend that you use it as the required language class before going abroad if you are planning on traveling to a Spanish-speaking country. That way, you fulfill the requirement but don't have to work too hard. But if you do end up taking the class, make sure you take it with Marina, she is excellent.