Margaret Pouncey

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Feb 2008

Maggie is a wonderful teacher. I took UW Spring 2007, and all the freshmen who took it Fall 2006 made it out to be the worst class ever (of course, they hadn't taken Frontiers yet). Maggie taught an enjoyable, engaging, easygoing course. She selected great New York based readings for the Conversation sequence. Maggie is approachable, kind, and gives constructive criticism without making you feel like a terrible writer. I feel like a better writer for having taken her course, and I would be surprised if my classmates didn't feel the same way.

Jan 2007

Maggie made this class a pleasure. I hear UWriting can be a real pain, but having Maggie saved me loads of stress and taught me in the process. Maggie was genuinely interested in both teaching the course and the subject material of her readings. I could tell she gave ample time to think over the readings, and she has enough experience teaching this course to explain each initially-baffling standard UWriting progression. She gave back very detailed comments on my drafts, offered to set up appointments to discuss each draft (once or twice per draft if you want), and was just very helpful. Her flexibility in giving me the choice of essay subjects was a relief, and I actually ended up learning about new disciplines that interested me and other sorts of fascinating things. She almost always facilitated discussion well. With the twelve-person seminar style, this was crucial. She was always prepared. I can say nothing negative about UWriting with Maggie. I do admit that I've liked writing to begin with, but I believe Maggie is one of the best instructors for this course. You can't go wrong with her.

Dec 2006

Maggie is an instructor who always comes to class with a smile on her face and tries to have fun with a class that I felt was extremely trivial. She is always available for extra help and provides detailed suggestions on all essay drafts.