Susannah Shaw

Jul 2007

A shockingly rude woman. She lost my assignments and gave me attitude when I dared to ask if she had found them. I was not alone in this—she also lost other students' assignments. I heard many others complain of her rudeness as well. On top of everything she stood me up for a scheduled meeting during her office hours. How she is able to maintain her position is beyond me.

Apr 2007

Susanna Shaw is shockingly rude and unpleasant. She lost my assignments not once but twice and far from being apologetic about her obvious lack of organization, told me, "Look, you're lucky I'm giving you the chance to redo it instead of just giving you a zero." Since these assignments were done longhand in the classroom it was impossible to simply re-print and give her another copy. When I asked her if she had found the second assignment that she had lost, she brusquely told me to look at the class website to see if I had been graded (which would let me know if she had found it or not). As if all this weren't bad enough, she was also condescending and made you feel as though you were imposing on her when you asked her questions. She also failed to show up for a scheduled appointment during office hours. I wondered if she didn't like me for some reason but my classmates confirmed that she was also unpleasant and rude with them as well.

Jan 2007

Steer clear of this TA. Ridiculous grading, does not respond to e-mails and when you do finally reach her she is quite rude and dismissive.

Dec 2006

Wow. Disappointing, disappointing, disappointing. I don't expect much from TAs, but this one blew the others I've had out of the water. You can email her, but don't expect a response. You can ask her a question, but if she does respond, the reply likely won't have an answer. She likes to talk, but mostly about her career as a runner for Columbia. I shouldn't have expected much, since she TAed for Jack McGourty's "Science, Technology and Society" (which is notoriously a joke), but her performance was similarly pathetic. What is she doing as a TA anyway?