Richard Anderson

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Aug 2013

I got a B in Art Hum, but not because Ricky is unreasonable. He expects you to do your work which entails coming to class and participating thoughtfully, reading prior to class (though relatively short, the reading assignments were often dense), and writing three to four short papers (we had two 2-page papers and one 4/5-page paper). Now and then, we had media assignments (these are meant to help you visualize and remember) on the Art Hum website. While I wouldn't say this class is easy, the workload is doable. If I didn't have an overwhelming semester, I think I could have gotten an A. Ricky is a fair professor who expects you to do your part. He is not heartless. Also, I loved his professional demeanor.

May 2013

The perfect Core professor: incredibly smart, loves his subject, friendly but not chummy. He'll keep his distance from students to make sure everything is always focused on the work; once, he sent us home 20 minutes early because it was clear no one was listening and he didn't care to waste time. He's tough but loves the discussion, and will do his best to make sure everyone gets a turn. I adored this class because he was so effective at teaching it.

Jan 2009

Ricky is just plain smart. This class is easy and he makes it interesting (his blue eyes do most of the work. ) Sigh!

Dec 2006

Richard, who asks that you call him Ricky, is probably one of the best Art Hum instructors. He tries to ask questions that really get the discussion going, while acknowledging the class's skepticism about some of the works. He is not one of those instructors who gets visibly angry and offended when he you don't like the art. He's interested in knowing which materials we like or hate, and doesn't force the discussion when it is obvious that there is no interest. Participation counts and he does call on people, but it isn't annoying like some instructors. Papers are reasonably graded and exams should not be difficult if you paid attention to class discussions. As long as you attempt to analyze the works and give information that is actually relevant and thoughtful, you should do moderately well. Exams are art IDs of both studied and unstudied works, comparisons of works, and analysis. All in all, the class is enjoyable even if you find Art History completely boring.