Eric Sewell

Dec 2006

Don't expect any ear-training class taught by Eric Sewell to be a slack-off class. Also, don't expect to learn anything. Eric's style of "teaching" involves a very short, vague explanation of the material, or no explanation at all. Most of the class was spent doing very difficult rhythmic and harmonic dictations (I don't even know what level those dictations were intended for), which were graded and counted towards a questionable percentage of our final grade. I say questionable because he actually sent out a radically different grading rubric the week before our final exam, saying that it was changed due to "administrative constraints." This caused a lot of frustration in our class, since many people failed these daily in-class tests. Finally, Eric had some issues playing rhythms accurately, including a dictation on our midterm. When students brought this issue up, his only answer was "I'm doing my best." That was as far as his efforts to look into, or correct the problem went. In conclusion, don't take this class unless you are looking for a way to do penance for some horrible crime.