Risha Lee

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2009

Really, really great. I had Risha her first semester as well. She does convey the material really well, and the workload is great - three papers (first one wasn't graded) and a midterm and a final that was not cumulative. You don't have field trips/mandatory museum visits outside of classtime the way other art hum sections do (such a good thing). You do have to visit one of a few churches for your paper and the Met for your papers, but those are not bad at all. She's really a catch for art hum.

Jan 2007

Risha is a truly wonderful instructor who (if you are lucky enough to sneak into her section) will unquestionably teach you more about art history then you would learn in many higher level courses. Last semester was just her first semester teaching, but like most members of the class, I thought she was a veteran. Her lectures are very thorough and engaging, and while she expresses strong opinions, she somehow does so without posturing. Most classes are devoted to a single artist, and Risha prepares detailed powerpoint presentations which she posts on courseworks for each one. Risha also maintains an excellent balance of lecturing with student participation. Neither dominates. Additionally, the workload is very moderate and like her teaching, Risha's grading is thoughtful and fair.

Dec 2006

If you end up in her class, you are set for the most enjoyable and light workload course for a semester. Sweet and caring professor. I was basically art retarded, (didn't know ANYTHING about it) before I walked into her class. Since then, she really taught me how to look at a piece of art critically. She's probably one of the best art hum teacher there is. Well it was her first semester teaching, but she was very good at it. Everyone in the class loved her. Tips: Goto class (she emails you if you are MIA), Read the stuff (it's only 15 pages and it makes a whole world of difference both in your learning and class participation) and lastly participate. I don't see how anyone can do bad in her class. Shes just an absolute sweetheart. Take this class at all cost.