Maja Horn

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Mar 2021

Maja Horn is a star. This professor is not only brilliant but super kind. I took Caribbean Cultures and Societies (in English in Africana Studies dept.) and loved it so much I decided to take her Queer Dominican Literature course in Spanish. Both were during COVID and she was so understanding. Reasonable/generous grader. If you put in the work, you will do well.

Feb 2018

Professor Horn is one of the best professors I have had at Columbia. She is so understanding and intelligent, and loves the material she teaches. The readings can be long, but they're really interesting and the class discussion always revolves around the previous night's readings and how they relate to prior readings. Instructions for papers are always very clear, and the grading is straightforward and makes sense.

Nov 2017

Professor Horn is honestly one of the best professors I've had here at Barnard. She's insightful, so clear in her lectures and takes the time to get to know you as a student. She's super approachable, just a very kind person. She is so knowledgeable about the Caribbean and poses super interesting questions to the class, leading us on kind of long debates or conversation. She loves hearing student's experiences/perspectives. Overall she is never discouraging and really makes you feel at ease (especially if you don't love speaking up in class, I thought I would have to force myself to participate but honestly it's probably the opposite). This class was super interesting, 95% of the readings are just as interesting. This class explores the Caribbean from before colonization to the time following independence. I would highly recommend this class and Professor Horn!

Oct 2009

Took her class last semester at Barnard and loved her. She's very friendly and super understanding. A lot of the class revolves around the readings and class or group discussions about them. If you don't really understand or the class is silent (i.e. no one read) she'll push you in the right direction or frame the questions in a way that make it easier to talk about. The syllabus was pretty interesting too - for the art section she had us go to a museum exhibit and write our essay on how it tied into what we were discussing in class; another section included watching telenovelas.

Dec 2006

Professor Horn is great. This was her first semester teaching at Barnard and the hiring committee made a superior choice. She is young, fresh, and brimming with enthusiasm. Although the Spanish department has a standard syllabus for the class, Professor Horn manages to make it interesting and really engaging. She is really creative in her approach to teaching grammar and literature, and has clear expectations. When the syllabus was too vague with the departmentÂ’s requirements for the first paper, she really listened to our feedback and adjusted the next papers accordingly. She is really interested in the classesÂ’ thoughts and passions, and try to manipulate the syllabus as mush as she can to reflect that. She is fluent in at least three languages, as she is German, lived in Venezuela when she was younger, did her research in the Dominican Republic, and went to undergrad and grad in the States. Her research has focuses on queer Dominican women artists, but has a diverse knowledge base of multiple Latin American nations, Latino populations in the US, and Latin American literary traditions. I highly recommend her, and it would be a pity if you went through the department without taking one of her classes. If you just give this class a decent effort you can a get a good grade.

Dec 2006

professor horn is awesome. she's young, enthusiastic, and really friendly. this class really helped my spanish and made me more interested in taking more spanish. she tries to keep things intersteing my mixing grammar and culture, and she has a great kknowledge about different spanish cultures. shes really approachable, and a good prof to have.

Dec 2006

Prof Horn is new to Barnard and already establishing her place as an asset to the Columbia community. She is an interesting professor, being young and from Germany. Her Spanish is incredible and knowledge of the Caribbean and the cultural dynamics within the region, especially the DR. The readings are interesting and present many themes such as music, performance, and colloquial language as unifying elements for the Caribbean. They usually are not terribly long. For PR, DR, or Cuban students, this class is interesting to learn our history in depth, while incorporating our own experiences into the material. Some people (usually non-native speakers) told me that some of the language in the stories was hard to understand since it is colloquial Caribbean Spanish. I think it wasnt hard for PR, DR, and Cuban studies because we speak like this and could relate easily. Prof Horn's style is a little dry, but she really loves the material, which helps. She also is ALWAYS available to talk about class (her office hours are extensive) or to help with advice for majors and class choices. She even answers emails on the weekend and late at night. This class is definitely recommended!