Joseph Ulichny

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2021

This class is a lot of busywork. None of the work was difficult, just tedious. If you can keep up with the workload, I think it’s an easy A regardless of your chemistry background. Joseph is an extremely kind professor. During his Monday lectures, he always ensured that everyone understood the material before moving on. In addition, he seemed flexible and understanding with handling accommodations for extenuating circumstances. I would highly recommend his section.

Apr 2021

The class is pretty much alright! It's easy in terms of content, a lot easier than gen chem. Also getting an A in this class is not impossibly hard but it is a lot of work, expect to spend about 20 hours of your weekend working on lab reports and studying for quizzes. But the work is straight forward just busywork.

Aug 2014

Though this class is a lot of work, it's a great class. Joseph is a wonderful teacher and person- he makes it very clear what is expected of you from the start, and the whole course as well as the labs are all meticulously planned out. He's also very accessible, kind, understanding, and explains things very clearly (he cleared up a lot of things that I was still confused about from Chem I & II). The workload includes weekly quizzes, pre-lab assignments, lab reports, writing assignments etc.. None of it is too difficult, just kind of tedious. The labs themselves are fun and useful. Definitely recommend sticking around for the whole lab lecture as it usually includes information to successfully complete the labs, and gives you info on what to look out for during the actual lab. Be very diligent about writing your observations in your lab report during lab- that seemed to be where most students (myself included) lost points.

Aug 2013

Joseph Ulichny's chem lab is one of the best science courses I've ever taken. I took the 12-week summer session version, and the students were mostly premed postbacs. - Joseph is just a really nice person. He was friendly and relaxed, knows the material very well, and was super-available to students. He also has this quirky interest in art history which he includes in his lectures from time to time. - The lectures, which were largely theoretical, really did explain what was happening in lab. Looking back, none of the 10 labs was pointless, or do I still fail to understand what we were doing or why. Sometimes that theory was complicated, but by the end of the course everything did make sense. - A lot of students studied together in the otherwise abandoned chem library in Chandler, which is where the TAs held office hours. I really hope that they keep that space open for this purpose. We mostly collaborated, rather than competed, as could have been tempting for a premed class. - Unless you're a science genius of some kind, it's wise to work closely with your TA in this class. That person will be grading your lab reports. Each TA has different things he or she is looking for, and you want to be able to match that. I got hit a little hard on the lab grading because I had to work at my job during my TA's office hours. However, once I started communicating with him by email and meeting with him separately, I got the hang of what he wanted. - I don't know how the people in the 6-week version of this class do it. For the 12-week version, it's already a lot of work. I'd say that I put in about 20 hours a week work, outside of the labs and lectures themselves. - Better to take this after gen chem, rather than concurrently. There are a lot of concepts that need to sink in, and they change rapidly from week to week.You don't want to be encountering them for the first time in lab. - DO ALL THE EXERCISES AND PRE-LAB STUFF BEFORE THE PRE-LAB QUIZ. Know the lab inside and out a week beforehand. That way, you won't be blindsided by quiz questions about the labs, you'll know what you're doing before you go into lab, and your brain will have a chance to cognate a bit about what you're going to write in your lab report, before you rush to get it done.

May 2010

Joseph is a great teacher and a great lecturer. In lab he is extremely helpful, and out of lab he is great about answering questions. He is approachable and fair. Overall, the course was a fair amount of work, but it was the most fair course I took throughout freshman year. For every quiz, there were practice problems and the TAs were always available. USE THE TA'S OFFICE HOURS! They spot your lab errors and help you fix them!

Dec 2009

Joseph was a great TA. He is a good lecturer and simplifies difficult information well. Before each lab, he really emphasizes what you should do to get the best results. He is also very helpful while in lab and will immediately come to your aid if you have a problem. He responds really quickly to e-mails which is extremely convenient. He responded to my emails while I was completing the lab reports. He is also patient and helpful in reviewing difficult material for the midterm and final. The quizzes really require you to know how to do specific calculations as well as understand the theory of the labs so I recommend doing the lab study problems and going to TA office hours if you have questions before taking the quizzes. I found most of the TAs in the General Chemistry Lab department accessible and helpful during office hours, so you should go to them if you have any problems.

Dec 2007

Very nice guy. Very accessable. Explains things ok. Gives really easy quizzes (most important trait of a good TA).

Sep 2007

Joseph was a fantastic TA. He was very nice, knew the material and always responded to e-mails. His quizzes required some studying, but they were fair, forced you to stay on top of the material, and helped you gauge whether you were ready for the exams (the questions tended to be easier than the exam questions). He obviously put some effort into his job, which is more than you can say about a lot of TA's.

Mar 2007

Joseph is very nice and approachable. He's great with answering emails instantly and arranging personal office hours. However, he tends not to cover all the material for the exam (usually just the first third, but that is covered well). His exams nicely mimic the exam and thus are a good prep for them.