Guan Jian

Dec 2006

At first I iffy about the course since Guan laoshi told the class that she came to America about two weeks before the semester started. I think that this point scared away some students on the first day because she doesnÂ’t really know how to speak English. Sometimes itÂ’s difficult to understand her English but the class always ends up understanding it in the end in one way or another. I think that because we are sort of forced to communicate in Chinese with her we gradually become better at the language. During drill sessions, students from other classes seem to be a bit behind and sometimes just donÂ’t understand the questions the TA asks. Guan laoshi is a really nice lady that always wears a smile on her face. I think that our class has a lot of fun, I really enjoyed the course. PowerPoints are departmental; every class has the some one I think. It gets quite boring reading the things on the PowerPoints over and over again. But I guess the so much drilling made things easier.