Deborah Vischak

May 2007

I agree strongly with the previous review. Prof Vischak is great, and I strongly recommend taking Art Hum with her if possible. A typical class consisted of coming in, seeing showing a slideshow of 10 to 20 slides of whatever era's art we were working on. Lots of comparisons to previous artists we looked at. The discussion went smoothly, and Prof Vischak did a great job getting people to join in to the conversation, which was generally very interesting and engaging. The field trips were a lot of fun. Though it could be painful to roll out of bed and get to the Met on a saturday morning, she made it worth your while. This class has given me an interest in and appreciation for art that I completely lacked previously.

Jan 2007

Wonderful. Professor Vischak's frank commentary, dry sense of humor and considerable knowledge of and interest in the pieces we looked at made my first experience with art history a very good one. Her personal area of interest is ancient Egypt, which sadly doesn't feature in the Art Hum syllabus, but she slipped in a few pieces during the first half of the course which made for really interesting comparisons. The best part of the class, not surprisingly, was the discussion, and she was great at giving people opportunities to speak [and occasionally, when the situation called for it, tactfully getting them to stop speaking]. I learned a lot about art, and about history. Thanks, Professor Vischak - cocktail party conversations, here I come.