Belgica Ramirez

Jan 2007

I am writing this first review out of complete frustration in dealing with Belgica Ramirez. I am surprised that nobody has written about how big of a BCT she is. She seems to think she is the Saddam Hussein of Columbia in short. She is a tradtional jerk, with the term defined in full sense of the word. I can't find words to describe her attitude, probably like a third-world beauracrat (if you have seen one). I don't know if she is suffering from some post-monoposal disorder, but she treats students with complete disprespect, as if students are her slaves. She abuses her position at the physical education department to the full extent, which in the Atmostphere of columbia University, I find it unacceptable. she dodges her responsiblity, instead of helping you, leave you in a vague type of helplessness. I sincerely hope somebody in position of authority reads this review and asks her to change her attitude or get FIRED.