Matthew J. Udkovich

Mar 2009

As someone who's taken LOTS of language courses (German, French, Arabic) over the years, let me tell you: Matthew is as good as they come. What a friggin' excellent teacher. The previous review nails it on the head: this guy manages to be both VERY demanding and at the same time VERY fun. He's clear, energetic, helpful, precise, funny - anything you could hope for in a teacher. Last but not least, I was amazed to find out he was American - based on his accent I was sure he's native French.

Jan 2007

When I first showed up to class, I was expecting an old, strict Soviet professor, but instead got an energetic young scholar with a Jew-fro. Matt was so great. He combines academic rigor and fun in his teaching style, and yields amazing results. Not only did my French improve in such a short time, the class was dynamic and passed by quickly. Workload is heavy, and there is a pretty annoying group project near the end of the course, but this class was worth it. He also has a wonderful accent in French and tries to help us improve ours. Great professor.