Mirabelle Ordinaire

Dec 2007

This was a great class. Mirabelle is a genuine teacher who really cares about her students and does everything in her power to help them. She always extends her office hours and even comes in special to accommodate students. The workload is heavy but that's just the nature of university writing, every class is going to have more or less the same workload. She is also a very fair grader. She will give detailed comments on everything she gives back to you so you will know exactly why you got what you did. I highly recommend taking u-writing with Mirabelle.

Mar 2007

Instructor Ordinaire is usually on time and very prompt about what she wants to do. However, she gives a lot of work for each class. Her grades are a bit on the low side, so if you want a better grade, it is advisable to go to her office hours and find out what's wrong with your essay and tailor it to her taste. There's a lot of reading and writing every class, a regular assignment is usually around 600-1000 words. The assignments are always due next class. She expects close reading on every text, which means you have to spend additional time scouring every passage on the text.