Jared Katz

Apr 2007

Although in comparison to other psych labs the courseload seems to be relatively light it is quite deceiving, as the few assignments you do are incredibly vague, poorly explained, and the objectives are unclear. Throughout the sometimes 3 hours of complete lecture, only a few topics are addressed and at the end everyone seems entirely confused, because the prof can't explain the material, and is even worse at explaining what the assignments are. Do not take this class unless you enjoy sitting through monotonous lectures and desire to actively use detective skills to figure out what is going on.

Mar 2007

Psycho man. The problem is that you are stuck with him if you are part of the Lab. His class is 3 hours long and he goes through the whole procedure and is not clear. He simply reiterates what is stated in his slide show. He makes sure to waste the whole 3 hours even if the class can be completed in 1.5 hours. He doesn't grade anything, but the student TA does, she is simply another Barnard student. He makes this class seem like finding the cure for cancer. He is unclear and doesn't have good people skills.