Lane Anderson

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2008

Lane is incredible. I went into this class determined I was doomed for the semester but she made it one of my favorite classes. She chose interesting articles to work with and kept the class entertaining but useful. As far as the writing goes, she gave excellent comments, both positive and negative, and met with each of us before our final drafts which proved to be critical. Not an extremely hard grader but not easy either. She has expectations but lets you know what you need to fix and how.

Jan 2008

Lane is a thoughtful woman who does a very good job with a class that could easily be a waste of time. Her comments on papers were in general quite accurate, and while she is a tough grader, my writing did improve. Lane also has a sense of humor and is willing to respond to views that contradict her own regarding the material, but you should certainly cave to her suggestions when it comes to papers.

Jan 2008

Lane is a great teacher. If you get to choose your university writing section, try to get into hers. She's engaging and fun and I learned something in a class I thought was going to be horrible.

Apr 2007

She's a good teacher. I was jealous of my roomate all semester cause his teacher was never assigning portfolios and we got one to do almost every class. Personally, I am not a fan of this kind of seminar so I would dread going to class but she a good teacher and not an easy grader but not too bad.