Lisa Hollibaugh

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2021

Dean Lisa is easily the best teacher I’ve ever had. I agree with the previous review; her class is definitely challenging, but I believe it is more than worth it. Instead of giving us exams with passage ID’s, she has us write reading journals (>5 sentences each for 5 specific quotes) before each class. My reading journals took about 1-1.5 hours each. I found this method of ensuring completion of the readings very effective, especially because it allowed for a form of participation that wasn’t verbal. I expressed to her that I was nervous about talking in class, and she was very accommodating and understanding. As my confidence grew throughout the semester, she commented on how happy she was to see me contributing more. She facilitates fantastic discussions, and she has adapted to online learning very well. Although online class discussions are usually not as cohesive and focused as in-person discussions, she still knows how to steer conversations in new directions, push us to think harder and keep us on topic. She takes the time and care to transcribe what each person says in the chat. She also encourages us to add our own input and comments in the chat, which makes for a very lively classroom “environment. We were assigned one 1000-1250 word essay (about one piece of literature). We had an opportunity for revision after receiving her (very extensive and thoughtful) feedback. She is not an easy grader, but her comments are very constructive and helped me so much to improve not only my writing but also my analysis and ideas in general. She planned to have a second essay, but she decided midway through the semester to assign a group project instead. We were tasked with analyzing a certain topic/theme in two passages from separate works, and then finding works of visual art and music that add to our interpretation of the passages in the context of the topic/theme we chose. Once we had finished our individual analyses, we worked in groups to compile all our ideas into a group “symposium. I don’t know if she will keep the same group project in the future, but I loved it and learned so much from it! It was also wonderful to finally meet and chat with some of my classmates. Dean Lisa is also simply a wonderful person. It’s very obvious how much she cares for each of her students and how much she wants them to learn. It’s very worthwhile going to her office hours to talk about classwork, or even just to chat about being a first-year in CC. I am an internal transfer student, and Lit Hum was one of the things I was most looking forward to in CC. Dean Lisa’s section exceeded all my expectations and taught me so much more than how to be a critical reader and writer. I also learned how to be a better thinker! I cannot recommend her section enough.

Dec 2020

Lisa hollibaugh is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong her class is definitely challenging. She makes you do reading journals for every class, but honestly they aren’t that hard to do they maybe take 20 min. But the conversations during class are so great. She takes the time out of her day to get to know each of her students. I cannot say how much I love this woman. She is the best! She is very understanding and a decent grader! She will def help you grow not only as a reader, but as a writer. Take her section of Lit Hum. You wont regret it.

Apr 2010

She is an amazing professor and mentor. She knows how to lead a discussion and will not hesitate to cut off someone who goes of on a tangent about ____ and ____ and ____ books she read in high school (a common phenomenon of these first year seminars, I've found). If the conversations goes off topic, she knows how to guide the discussion back to the important points. I have to admit, I did not read all the books thoroughly and rarely completed them but class discussion was always entertaining to follow and, for someone like me who didn't read, almost like sparknotes--just better, more insightful, and with unique perspectives. Dean Hollibaugh really values your opinion and won't make you feel stupid for your unique interpretation of something. She's a true inspiration and it's crazy how dedicated she is to her class and individual students when her job (as Dean of First-Years) requires her to care about the entire freshman class. Take her class at marvel at her grace and brains. Just the best.

May 2008

Loved her!! She is a fantastic teacher and a great dean. She was able to lead or steer discussions without dominating them, and she always had interesting insights but she was open to everyone's ideas. She's not the least bit pretentious, and admits when she has no idea what's going on. As other reviewers have mentioned, she gives copious comments on everything you write and will definitely help you to become a better writer. Moreover, I did not find her to be a difficult grader - she's not easy, but I think her grading was always fair. Plus she lets you revise papers, and the revision grade replaces the earlier grade, so even if you do badly at first you have another shot, and she will help you revise if you go to meet with her. I highly recommend taking this class with Hollibaugh

Apr 2007

An interesting class. However, she's possibly the hardest grader ever. No matter how hard you work on your essays, don't expect an A. But she definitely helped improve my writing. Overall, good professor, but a hard grader.

Apr 2007

I had her last Spring for The Americas, Barnard's first year required English class. Professor Hollibaugh was fantastic! The classes themselves were a bit boring sometimes, but usually it was due to students' lackluster comments rather than any fault of the professor. The reason that I liked Professor Hollibaugh so much is that she really helped improve my writing. Looking at the difference between my first paper and my final paper, I see a very large improvement. My writing wasn't bad to begin with, it's just that Professor Hollibaugh was able to help me see ways to significantly improve it. She is a hard grader and unafraid to give low scores on papers; however, if you ask her for guidance on how to improve she will be more than glad to help (and, unlike other professors, will actually be able to).