Calvin Baker

Apr 2007

My class with Calvin was one of the worst I have ever taken. He was utterly unhelpful, even when making an effort to go to office hours he simply told me he couldn't help me, that I should just wait to hear what students said in workshop. Papers were returned with a few measly checks and perhaps a "NO" in big letters next to a sentence. Papers weren't graded so there was never really any specific feedback from the Professor on papers (especially due to the lack of comments), also giving free reign to grade as he pleased, on a whim, at the end of the semester. We also did not receive two assignments back, not to mention that we are nearing the end of the next semester and still have not received our final papers. The class environment was uncomfortable, not due to the students who I found to be helpful and very intelligent, but because of the sense that Calvin didn't seem to want to be in class due to our supposed lack of talent. He was unnecessarily rude and disrespectful in regards to opinions or comments students suggested in class, and once went so far as to spend 20 minutes arguing with another professor he had invited to class simply to prove that he was right. His 'favorites' of the class were obvious as well. Assignments seemed created on the spot, with no real arc in relation to the course. This course had nothing to do with the idea of personal narrative, and class structure was just workshop every week, for 2 hours straight, with very little input from the Professor. I not only learned absolutely nothing from this class, but have been turned off from writing (which I have loved for as long as I can remember). Unless you feel like being discouraged from writing, stay away from this professor.