Jesse Kates

Jul 2008

Agree with previous poster. A really nice, insightful guy but harsh with grades. This is probably a reflection of the fact that the class I had him for (Sarris') didn't include anything but watching movies/no teaching whatsoever. For those of us who had never taken a film class, it was a bit unfair to expect us to teach ourselves everything for the midterm and final when... well, we had no idea what a film class was about, let alone a film paper or midterm/final. I enjoyed the discussions Jesse led a lot, I just wished that he had done a more comprehensive job of explaining what he was looking for. He would often advise students to see him out of class for explanations... but since I knew nothing about film and Jesse came off just a tad cocky, I was too intimidated to do so. My loss, obviously. Overall, a positive review.

May 2007

Nice laid back guy, but kind of a harsh grader.