Dorian Warren

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Feb 2015

I don't know what all of the hype is about. I found his lectures extremely dry and boring, he failed to respond to numerous emails (many people in my class had this same issue), he never returned feedback on paper drafts, did not give back papers for grades, and it is February 2 and we STILL do not have our SSOL grades.

Jan 2015

Do not take this class. Yes, it's supposedly easy and your most likely breeze through the class. It's simply a midterm, a 5-7 paged paper and a final. Warren is simply not invested in the class he showed a movie in class at least 4 times and canceled class three times. He comes off as very nice and likable. With that being said we are nearly a month past the grade submission and none of us have heard from him. I know of at least half a dozen people who have emailed him and the TAs none of them have responded at all. The vagueness from the political science department implies that they to have been unable to contact him. In addition, to not being able to complete the grades he doesn't even have the guts to talk to those he's screwing over. I've even seem him on MSNBC during these last few weeks so he hasn't dropped off the face of the earth just Columbia's campus. With all that being said I enjoyed the class but it doesn't make up for this ridiculous situation. Even the worst professors I've had over these past three years submit their grades. Dorian does not deserve this silver nugget and he certainly doesn't deserve the tenure he has been granted.

Jan 2014

ehhh, totally ever age. Honestly, I went in there thinking this guy would write my law school recs, and I realized that he's totally not very invested in the class, was quite boring, and the topic itself was dry (versus what it should have been considering its the most extraordinary freaking social movement of our time!!) However, office hours with him is infinitely better, so seek him out then if you have any real questions. In my POV, he's better one on one (as say a major advisor in political science) than as a class wide lecturer. Also, the TAs were fine, nothing spectacular and frankly, all three seemed pretty dreaming uninterested.

Dec 2013

This course is in flux. This year was a brand-new course that had been completely overhauled from what from every account I heard of, was a disaster last year, taught by someone entirely different. It's entirely possible that it will change a great deal again next year. Prof Warren was one of those professors who I'd bet is a great discussion leader, but doesn't always have his heart in it when it comes to lectures. He's an easygoing and approachable guy and I always liked talking to him one on one after class if I had questions. But it seemed clear that the material he was covering in the first half of the semester (a lot of political science theory about how policies are formed and carried out) seemed pretty basic to him. When he got into real-world examples, he was more engaged and engaging, but that was minority of his lectures. Last third of the semester was taken up by guest lecturers, who were a bit of a mixed bag. Standouts included Steve Cohen, Esther Fuchs, and Lawrence O'Donnell (yes, as in MSNBC/The West Wing/Homeland). All in all, made me a bit jealous of the MIA folks in Conceptual Foundations who always seemed to be having a great time (except for the last three weeks which were apparently hell), but wasn't as bad as some of my classmates made it out to be. Besides, I don't want to be known as Missing In Action for the rest of my career (common American interpretation of the acronym MIA). Syllabus is very U.S.-centric, and even the international examples assume the presence of functioning democratic systems. You won't be learning much that applies to places like China or Russia, for example.

Jan 2012

Alright. There's a lot of fanfare around Professor Warren, but I think many reviewers may be buying into the hype. Warren is personable and friendly, but I'm not actually sure he knew all that much about the subject matter--wait, I take that back, there wasn't much to know about it. Let me do you a favor and tell you what you'll take away from class: labor power has been steadily decreasing for the past 60 years while the power of business to take manipulate of workers and take away benefits has increased. Done. You get an A! I didn't do any of the readings and got an A (okay maybe I did one). I knew nothing about labor and walked away knowing everything about it, though. Warren did present the information in a very engaging way for such a boring topic, so he does get that credit as it's due. I'd recommend taking a class with him I guess, only about something more interesting than labor.

May 2011

Professor Warren is really great. He has a sense of humor, knows how to keep class discussion going, poses thought-provoking questions, and assigns interesting reading material. He is obviously very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter, and he is approachable and very quick in responding to emails and students' questions. He is respectful of student views and does a good job mediating when students expressed opposing viewpoints during class discussions. There is a lot of reading required for this class but if you're interested in social justice issues you will find it useful. Overall, it's a great class and I would highly recommend it.

Dec 2010

There's not a lot I can say that hasn't already been said. This guy is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He cares and wants it to be a great class. You will enjoy this class and learn a lot. It may not appear so right away, but what you learn in Community Organizing is applicable in many other places. Moreover, his classes seem to attract very entertaining individuals that are passionate about the subject. It developed an atmosphere where you wanted to work hard in order to keep up with everyone else. If you aren't the most outgoing don't worry, I was one of the least active participants in the class and still did very well. As long as you show an interest and grasp of the subject in your papers he will take care of you.

May 2010

No question about it, Professor Warren assigns a lot of reading. However, he tells you to skim some of the books and not to focus on certain parts, and he goes over the basic points in class. That said, you'll want to do a lot of the reading. This is one of the few classes here that has really changed me and opened my eyes up to new and interesting things, and you should definitely take it. You might be overwhelmed and up until 3 just before the papers are due, but it's worth it. Class discussions are also great. It's a seminar full of opinionated people and while he doesn't lecture, Prof. Warren guides the discussion so we don't just spend time talking about anecdotes from our own lives. I made some great friends in the class, too. With the possible exception of CC, it was one of the best classes I had.

Dec 2008

I took Labor and American Politics with Professor Warren in Spring 2008 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Prof. Warren is a superb lecturer. He presents the outline of his lecture on Power Point slides and sometimes incorporates historical movies and/or YouTube clips. Though this is a lecture class, Prof. Warren encouraged class participation frequently. The class had a wiki-space, and students posted news articles related to the course material; we would then spend the first 10 minutes or so discussing the news. Prof. Warren is young and cool. Take advantage of his office hours - he has fascinating research interests, wants to hear about what you're into, etc. I'd definitely recommend this class or any other taught by Prof. Warren. The only downside was that the TA was not that knowledgeable about organized labor.

Nov 2007

Take anything you can with him. He's young, fun, smart, approachable, funny and wonderful. He's one of the best professors I've had at Columbia. I am a conservative and I thought taking a Labor politics class would be awful. Prof Warren, however, doesn't fall into the typical poli sci liberal indoctrination style. He listened to everyone's ideas and was more than willing to play devil's advocate to both sides-which is good because the class has lots of discussion. The readings and lectures were fascinating and informative. I found myself WANTING to do the work for this class. The few times I missed class I was actually sad and disappointed. He brings in lots of current event to explain concepts. One girl in my class had a habit of emailing him relevant articles and a few times he made the entire lecture about the article she sent him. The lectures are never dull. I've also heard he gives A+'s though I can't officially confirm. TAKE THIS CLASS