Chelsea Foxwell

Nov 2007

Chelsea was awesome. I took this class just to take care of a requirement, but I ended up loving it. Chelsea is generally very sweet and gentle, but she has a diabolically dry sense of humor--you'd find yourself laughing about something that she'd said a few minutes earlier. Also, she's great about office hours. One time I went in to discuss a draft of a paper (something else she's really cool about) and she ended up volunteering all sorts of extra information and anecdotes about Asian art, and recommending articles I could read. I've never had an instructor who took the initiative to be so helpful during office hours. She's very strong on Japanese art, a little less so on Korea and China. For those latter two countries, I sometimes I got the feeling that she'd just read the same textbook chapters we had. But in a time of academic specialization, can that really be avoided? She's a good teacher and--happy day--an easy grader. High marks all around.