Thomas L. Popejoy

Dec 2007

The title of Popejoy's class makes it sound more interesting than it actually is. Rather than a class on the role of religion in modern-day politics, it is a pseudo- philosophical aimless wandering into the 'alterity,' 'ontology,' 'metaphysical double' and 'mystical foundation of authority' that, after but a few minutes, stretches the mind to the breaking point. Popejoy's teaching style is, in a single word: extremely pretentious and disorganized. Despite his complex topic, he rarely uses complete sentences, and, if he does, he often has many qualifying clauses, that, if they make sense at all, do so in strange and unanticipated ways, rarely, if ever, being entirely comprehensible to the layperson or any other. More seriously: Popejoy is pretentious though personable--his lectures are fairly useless, though mandatory, and his friendly disposition makes them bearable. If you actually want to understand what he is talking about, speak to him after class before he leaves; he's very willing to answer any questions you have.