Claire Eckstein

Jun 2008

I agree with the previous reviews. She's a very boring professor. You don't need to go to class at all as long as you do read the texts. The amount of workload is insane at times - towards the end of the semester she tried to rush through stuff, so you ended up having to read 2-3 chapters a week. At first, I thought I would pass/fail this class, but considering the HUGE amount of time I had to spend on it just to pass the class, I decided to do it for a letter grade. The TA's are great and very helpful. The professor doesn't seem to care much about her students; she didn't respond to my emails. I had to see her in person if I had questions about grading or the term project. I didn't like this at all because I felt like I spent so much time on her class and really tried to do well, and the least she could do is just pretend to care about her students! Though I didn't learn that much from HER, I did learn A LOT from the TA's, and from reading the texts. So over all, I did not regret taking this class.

Feb 2008

i dunno what other people are talking about, but this class is pretty easy. doesn't take a lot of deep understanding or knowledge to do well in this class. difficulty wise, this was the easiest class i've taken at columbia. if you read the text before you come to class, everything in the lecture makes sense, and the midterm and final are easy. people are complaining because financial vocab that she used in class was somewhat unwieldy, and people couldn't understand it. Besides this, the midterm and final were all multiple choice or very short answer questions. There's an initial 10 point curve built into class. There are 10-20 point curves built into the midterm and final i.e. 116 questions, need only to get 100 right to get 100%. she actually had to curve down because of all of the A+'s that were obtained, probably from the people who went to class. seriously, if you read and attend class, this will be one of the easiest classes you'll take. midterm and final, no thinking required.

Jan 2008

Professor Eckstein is a very nice woman, but you should avoid this class. I don't think anyone in the class benefited from her lectures. If you did the staggering amount of textbook reading (more than any class I've had at Columbia), then you could do well in the class. The lectures often made the material more confusing. If you are looking for a class where you can get away without going to class and are willing to spend an inordinate amount of time doing textbook reading, then this class is for you (I think the class has a normal curve). However, if you're at Columbia because you want the benefit of having great professors with great lectures, then avoid this class at all costs.

Jan 2008

Eccstein is a new teacher who came to Columbia in fall 2007 as a guest lecturer. Her classes are extremely boring and the stuff she teaches seem to be unbelievably unrelated to midterm or quizzes. I did okay in this class, but went to class on quiz and midterm days, or just to hand in my homework. If you read the text carefully and take good notes, you will learn a lot about accounting and finance. for good grades, you really dont have to go to the lectures, i would rather go to butler and read the text alone. TA review sessions are very helpful though. Go to the ones with female TAs, they actually prepare some stuff to teach, while male TAs just come to the TA session and chill. I heard Claire Ecstein has been teaching for almost twenty years, but I never felt that she really knows the stuff, or she is a great teacher. She also seems to be very proud of her title as CPA, certified public accountant, but if she is a CPA, I could probably take the test and be one too.... You really do not learn anything from her unless you study by yourself!! Oh, and also, the term project....its useless and crappy. I heard some people used like twenty articles or as many as possible... haha I did like three articles and still got a good grade on the final, so its about the quality, not quantity.

Jan 2008

This class was a horrible experience. She is a terrible lecturer; she's boring, mumbles, and cannot teach the material in an affective way. She assumes you understand concepts and when she is asked to explain in more detail, she gets upset and (almost) yells her explanation which is pretty much the same thing she has already said. Going to class is a waste of time and it is safe to say probably 3/4 of the class never showed up. You learn more from the textbooks than her. She even started giving quizzes in an attempt to get the students back in the classroom. The class was EXTREMELY unorganized. She gave us a list of the chapters but no dates. She would give us homework with very short notice. She even assigned homework on Thanksgiving Day that was due the Monday we got back. Oh, and the way she communicated to the class was through the Courseworks announcements section which was very inconvenient. And the way she worded everything was confusing. Not to mention her annoying use of footnotes. The TAs were very helpful, with the exception of Stephan. He was just as bad as her. If you take this class, definitely go to the TA recitations. They are required and you get a point for attending. The thing that ticked me off the most was her constant interruptions and distractions during quizzes and exams. She would confuse us about time constraints sending some people into a panic. And there was definitely some heckling during the midterm. Not a good test-taking atmosphere. The only good thing about the class was she never used the whole hour and 50 minutes of class time. I do not recommend this course if Eckstein is the professor.