Sonja Drimmer

Dec 2012

Drimmer is awesome. Incredibly nice, enthusiastic and clearly an expert in her field. She works very hard to make sure class lectures/discussions are enjoyable and clear. One of my favorite professors at Columbia. It is clear she genuinely cares about all of her students and enjoys teaching. I came in expecting to just tough it through art hum, as I had no genuine interest in taking the class, but came out feeling very appreciative. If she taught another art class, I would take it. Only quasi-complaint is that the lecture slides are very bare - essentially just pictures of the artwork. This makes note taking during class very important in order to be prepared for exams. Also as an added bonus, she is really good looking. Highly, highly recommended - she should be a gold nugget without a doubt.

Jan 2008

Professor Drimmer makes this required course worth taking. The class was nowhere near as boring and irrelevant as I thought it would be, but she is also not a push-over. Professor Drimmer is funny, engaging, and informative during class. She also encourages participation, and starts from the basics so that nothing and no one is lost. I actually enjoyed this class, which was completely unexpected. If you take the papers and exams seriously, pay attention, and participate in class, you can definately achieve an A/A-.