Craig Peariso

Dec 2008

Craig makes art hum a truly enjoyable experience. He knows the material and goes through what you need to know for the midterm and final, but the class is laid back most of the time. He focuses more on the modern stuff relative to other art hum teachers but still covers much of the overall syllabus. As an econ major, I wasn't looking forward to taking art hum. By the middle of the semester, however, I looked forward to going to class. He is a perfect fit for this class and is highly recommended.

Jan 2008

Craig is a super nice guy with very realistic expectations for a required class. Though the arthum syllabus covers an impossible breadth of subjects in a very short semester, Craig explains everything concisely, and if you pay attention, makes sure that you are well prepared for his tests. Though sometimes he struggled to keep class discussion going, it was a 9am class, so I think he did very well with what he had.