Jennifer Sokoloski

Apr 2008

It is not Jeno's fault that Frontiers is the most worthless class at this university. However, in spite of the ridiculous horrible nature of this course, Jeno made it actually interesting. On each homework assignment she let us go talk to her and she would give us all our points back, and she is extremely accessible to go over any topics you might have missed (which makes lecture completely unnecessary). She's also brilliant, so she knows what she's talking about.

Jan 2008

Jeno is the best Frontiers teacher, period. You will not find a more helpful and knowledgeable seminar leader. The lectures and material can get dull, but Jeno keeps the class interesting. She is also very helpful outside of class, holding frequent office hours. She is a fair and easy grader and a nice person and general. Jeno is a keeper.