Jennifer Smith-Guádárámángálá

Jan 2008

My favorite class was undoubtedly the day we extracted blood from one another to send for DNA testing so that everyone in the class could discuss their biological POO (point of origination.) Even though my POO was traced back to a tribe of goat herders who settled on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains in 1,000BC, I was relieved to know that Professor Smith-Guádárámángálá's POO matched mine! The rest of the semester we mainly discussed the differences between everyone's POO but ultimately came to the conclusion that everyone's POO is beautiful. At the end of the semester, we wrote letters to ourselves that Professor Smith-Guádárámángálá promised to drop in the mail to us ten years from now. As I was unsure of where I would be living, I used my parent's address and wouldn't you know it -- Professor Smith-Guádárámángálá grew up just around the corner from me in Jackson Hole! Small world, huh?