Celia Perez-Ventura

Jan 2008

I love this woman! Celia is one of my favorite teachers at Columbia. She is sweet, funny and LOVES her students. Sometimes she gets a little frustrated when the class takes her for granted and starts to slack off but overall she is a wonderful instructor and a cool person. The workload is nothing that you can't handle and she grades relatively easy. If you know the basics, study the review sheets she gives you and come to class consistently; You will do fine. She really is there to help you and doesnt want to give you a hard time. Her accent is a bit difficult to understand at first but she reads things slowly on the exams to compensate. If you are in this class you are lucky and won't be disappointed. The basic guidelines for Intermediate 1 applies but she doesn't pile on extra work. Plus, there is room for creativity on compositions. Watch your grammar, ask questions and be engaged in the classroom experience and you will get a good grade (probably a better one than you deserve).