Yvette Siegert

Sep 2007

Yvette is a caring, generous, and sensitive professor. She treated our class like her own family, often brought us snacks, and even invited us to her apartment for a get together towards the end of the summer. Sometimes I felt she was a tad too lax-- it was a workshop style class and although she did tell us to read everybody's pieces, she didn't require us to make any written comments so it was easy to get away with not reading everything, making for a poor discussion at times (although our class was usually pretty good about it). However, she always reads everybody's work closely and makes really helpful comments that actually help the writer which is pretty rare. She is also very available to students and welcomes them to her office hours and even to her actual office at the New Yorker, which is an awesome experience in itself. She really loves what she does and cares about making her students love it too. She also has an awesome book collection. I'd definitely recommend her class to any student.