Refik Inanc Baykur

Jan 2008

Very nice guy; he explains things rather well, and talks TO you, not down to you (he's rather young as well, but he's cool in general). The course is very fair, but a bit easy since. His midterms are very similar to his practice tests, which made the curve a little harsh if you screw up little things too much. Just put in a little bit of effort and be careful of your work as you write it through. ODE is mostly just memorization of methods.

Dec 2007

Baykur is a nice guy. His problem - he has nothing to contribute that's not from the book. That is, aside from a really good sense of humor and some great one-liners. His examples, his explanations, his proofs etc were all taken straight out of the Boyce and DiPrima ODE book. The homeworks have about 40% of their answers in the Student Solutions Manual or the SSM has a problem that is very close to the one you're solving. The midterms were exactly like the practice midterms. The final was the same. He's a nice guy. Kind of a cute, lovable nerd. The TA's were cool and marginally helpful but all frustratingly put their Office Hours at pretty much the same time.