Matthew Main

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2013

Matt is amazing! He is extremely laid back and is a wonderful instructor. His exercises are extremely clear on not only the overall goal, but what is expected of you. Yes, I know its UW and the class IS a pain in the ass, BUT Matt makes the class extremely enjoyable and fun as well! He is extremely positive and even if a person is struggling, he will find the strengths of that person despite their struggles. His feedback both in the mandatory conference after the exploratory draft and the written feedback after the formal draft is extremely detailed and helpful. He answered email questions very promptly and is very dedicated in seeing his students succeed. Be sure to not gaff off the exercises, listen to Matt's comments and feedback, and you will do fine.

Jan 2009

Amazing instructor. My class is at 2:40 pm so I do not have to sweat it, though he doesn't like tardies. Nevertheless, the class is very chill. Workload is very very reasonable. Normal homework is graded based on completion (mainly) and the papers are fairly simple, given that he gives you specific guidelines how to do them. As long as someone reads the sample papers, prepare the project plan well and not write down sloppy ideas (as he provides some fairly good feedback in your project proposal + first draft when he's not supposed to.), you'd be set for an A- or A paper. I like how he makes mandatory conferences with his students, as this will ensure that the students know what he wants. And as long as you do that, you are set for a good grade. Most impressed with him is his dedication to help students craft amazing papers, and the amount of trouble he goes through when writing "detailed feedback" (which is usually one page, 12 pt. font times new roman, single spaced) for each student's second draft. This is very useful. All in all, an amazing professor who is very dedicated in making his students learn about writing. He always emphasizes keeping a clear central problem, so be sure to follow that when you write your papers.

Jan 2008

I was in the first class Matthew Main taught at Columbia, but I didn't know it was his first until almost all the way through the semester. He's relaxed, and created a very friendly atmosphere in the classroom—and you don't need stress in a 9 a.m. class. My only complaint: he's a very, very nice guy and could sometimes have been a bit harsher in his instruction. But it's nice to have a teacher give you the benefit of the doubt. He's very interested in his students. I met with him several times over the course of the semester, and he was often willing to rearrange his schedule in order to meet with me. He'll give each paper extensive written feedback that's helpful and encouraging. (At first, his prescriptive comments may seem a bit vague, but you'll figure out what he wants by the next draft, without him leading you by the hand.) Overall, a very smart and humble guy. Especially based on what I heard from other students about U. Writing, this is a great section.