Libor Pospisil

May 2010

Libor, as one of the few Columbia quantitative professors who has a working understanding of the English language, shoots pretty much par for the course. He’s generic: wonderfully concise yet often painfully by-the-book. He’ll do a fantastic job teaching the material; you’ll be studying mostly from your notes because the book is two exits beyond awful. This being said, don’t get your hopes up for an engaging student-teacher interaction between you and Libor. He is a Statistics professor after all. Overall, Libor is a good professor who you should not shy away from.

Apr 2008

Professor Pospisil was clear and straight-forward, but a painfully boring teacher. I dreaded going to class and struggled to stay awake. I would have skipped and relied upon the book (Probability and Statistics by Jay Devore) to learn the material, except the book was even worse at explaining different concepts in Statistics than he was. I was disappointed at the end of this course because I believe that Stat has the potential to be a really fascinating course that actually applies to real life, but after this class I would never take Statistics again. He made no effort to make the material interesting and instead just had us learn formulas. That said, he speaks good English (which is a treat for a Columbia math class) and his lectures were clear and organized - if you can stay awake for them.