Anda French

Apr 2008

This class is a very interesting introduction to architecture and forces you to see things through an entirely new perspective. The second two projects for this class were more exciting than the first, mainly because it was more hands-on and more related to architecture. While Anda is helpful at times, the way in which she conveys what she wants is rather convoluted. She expects us to extract all information from the vague directions in the project assignment sheets, and when she is asked to clarify the assignment, she tells us to refer back to the assignment sheet. Additionally, be prepared to face incredibly harsh critics- most of them were her classmates from architecture school. An analogy for review day is- swimming in a tank of piranhas, and Anda being one of them. If you think you'll be all alone defending your project in front of the panel of critics, you will be. She does not attempt to save you from any attack from the critics, and attacks you, as well. The class is enjoyable, but be prepared to come back feeling awfully miserable from a critique.