Ellen Rentz

Dec 2008

Ellen's class is absolutely amazing. It's a combination of lecture and discussion, but she always emphasized discussion more. At the beginning of each class she gives background information about the work we just read, including when it was written. She requires that you know these dates for the midterm and final, but it's not that bad and she's an easy grader on exams. She grades papers more harshly, but is still reasonable, and she is very willing to meet with students during office hours to discuss topics and arguments for papers. Overall, Ellen is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She cares about her students and is genuinely interested in helping them with any problems they may have. She even baked cookies for our last class!

Jul 2008

Ellen is absolutely amazing. I cannot stress this enough. Classes are mostly started with a short (less than 10 minutes) lecture followed by discussions, group work, and/or practice quizzes. The class is really informal, which is great if you have funny, smart, or interesting people in your section, which you should if we can have any faith in CC admissions. She's a tough but fair grader on papers, always leaves lots of feedback, and is more than glad to help brainstorm topics or look at rough drafts or outlines during office hours. Also, she's a much easier grader on the midterms and finals to make up for it. Did I mention she's incredibly nice? And she's a medievalist. What's not to like?